French, French literature, Short prose fiction, Tales, Book history, Rhetoric, Beginner French, Intermediate French, Business French, Oral proficiency, Composition


Jenifer Branton-Desris holds a Masters degree from The University of Maine at Orono and a Ph.D. from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Her current field of study lies in the influences of the nascent 16th-century book industry’s practices and culture on the texts themselves, particularly with regards to variant editions of works by the same author. Collections of short prose fiction/tales are of special interest, and she continues her research on Bonaventure Des Periers, Noel du Fail, Marguerite de Navarre, and their interpolators. Jenifer holds a certificate from the French Chambre de Commerce, Ile-de-France-Paris for pedagogical training for Business French. She continues to expand her teaching portfolio to cover all levels of French language and literature, including Beginner and Intermediate French, Oral Proficiency, Business French, and Advanced Grammar and Composition. She has also taught Expository Writing and has coordinated for a Comparative Literature course which covers a range of global literature texts (Korean, Argentinian, American, Russian, Iraqi, Pakistani, etc.).

Selected Publications

  • Dissertation:“Puis que ainsi est.” The material and rhetorical effects of book production on French Renaissance tales (1547 – 1559)
  • Master’s Thesis: À la Découverte d’une perle française : L’identité de Marguerite de Valois définie par son choix de références