Archaeology, Computer/Digital Applications, Inegalitarian Transformations, Lower Central/Northern South America, Eastern North America


Patricia Hansell received a BA (Magna Cum Laude) in Psychology (1975), an MA (1979) in Anthropology and a PhD (1988) in Anthropology – all from Temple University.  After graduating with a PhD, she created and ran a small CRM operation (known as Archaeological Research Consultants [ARC]) through Temple.  She began teaching full-time in 2000.

Selected Publications

  • 2008 - Molluscs in Panama: A Review from Central Pacific Coastal Sites (with D. Carvajal).  In Archaeofauna: International Journal of Archaeozoology, edited by Irv  Quitmyer and Katherine Szabo. (October 2008,Vol. 17:157-174).
  • 2007 - Piperno, Dolores R., Ranere, Anthony J., Holst, Irene, and Hansell, Patricia: Granos de almidón revelan una agricultura primitiva de raíces en un bosque húmedo tropical de Panamá." In Leigh, E.G., Herre, E. A., Jackson,  J.B.C., and Santos-Granero, F. (Eds.) Ecología y evolución en los trópicos. Smithsonian Tropical Research  Institute. Panama: Editora Nova Art, pp. 594-600. 
  • 2001 - The occurrence of genetically-controlled phytoliths from maize cobs and starch grains from maize kernels on archaeological stone tools and human teeth, and in archaeological sediments from southern Central America and northern South America (with  D.R. Piperno, I. Holst, A.J. Ranere and K.E. Stothert).  The Phytolitharien 13, 1-7.
  • 2000 - Starch grains reveal early root crop horticulture in the Panamanian tropical forest (with D. R. Piperno, I. Holst and A. Ranere). Nature 407(6806).
  • 1998 - Human settlement in a tropical context: an 11,000 year record from Panama (with A. Ranere).  Proceedings of the XIII  International Congress of  Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences, Forli, Italy, September 1996.  Vol 1.

In Preparation:

  • “From excavation to online exhibition: A 30+ year journey at La Mula-Sarigua.”. Originally presented in the 2017 symposium “After an Ancient Cultural Heritage: Richard Cooke’s Contributions to the Archaeology of the Isthmus-Colombian Area.” To be published in a special issue of the Journal of Anthropology at the University of Costa Rica. San Jose, CR.

Courses Taught

  • Evolution of Cultures (face-to-face and ONLINE)
  • Intellectual Heritage (face-to-face and ONLINE)
  • Introduction to Anthropology: 4-Field Approach  Race & Racism (face-to-face and ONLINE)
  • Origins of Cultural Diversity (face-to-face and ONLINE)
  • Fundamentals of Archaeology
  • South American Archaeology
  • Comparative Early Civilizations
  • Field Methods in Archaeology
  • (Lab) Methods in Archaeology: various subtopics – depending on semester
  • - Examples: Archaeology in the Digital Age, Lithic Analysis, Analyzing and Interpreting the Archaeological Record
  • Quantitative Methods in Anthropology
  • Approaches to Archaeology
  • Computer Applications in Anthropological Research
  • Independent Studies in Anthropology
  • Internship in Archaeology