Education, Leadership, Collaboration, Global Good


Marcia Bailey, Associate Professor of Teaching/Instruction, earned a D.Min. in Transformative Leadership at Colgate-Rochester Crozer Divinty School and is an ordained American Baptist clergy person with expertise in education, leadership and transitional ministry.

Selected Publications

  • Transformed by Pastoral Transition: A Guide for Congregations, 2021
  • Choosing Partnership, Sharing Ministry: A Vision for New Spiritual Community
  • Mothers In Arms/Mujeres en Armas: Conversations with Women Ex-Combatants for the Late War in El Salvador

Courses Taught

  • IH I The Good Life
  • IH I Honors: The Good life
  • IH ll The Common Good
  • IH ll Honors: The Common Good
  • The Global Good: Rome, Italy