Political and Moral Psychology, Framing Dynamics, LGBTQ Politics and Identity, Political Philosophy, Bioethics


Jeff Antsen is a PhD candidate in the Political Science department. In his position with the MPP program, his responsibilities include promotion and recruitment, managing media and website content, communicating with applicants, and supporting the program director and other faculty with their courses. His dissertation, Why Bother Choosing Anyway?: Understanding Political Framing of Historically Stigmatized Groups asks why claims about the biology and “nature” of groups like the LGBT community, which have historically been stigmatized and marginalized in this country, seem to play such an important role in our social and political discourses. This project delves into the political psychology of bias and social inclusion, and draws its data from free-form textual sources to test the historic nuance of these topics. Mr. Antsen was awarded the master of bioethics degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 2012, with research interests in biopolitics and applied ethics. He completed his undergraduate studies in 2009, receiving a double major bachelor of arts in political science and philosophy, as well as a bachelor of science in biology from Lehigh University.
Associate Consultant, ZS Management Consulting