Leonard Swidler, Professor of Catholic Thought & Interreligious Dialogue at Temple University since 1966, Founder/Editor with Arlene Anderson Swidler in 1964 of the Journal of Ecumenical Studies, Founder/Director of the Dialogue Institute (1978), holds degrees in History, Philosophy, and Theology from St. Norbet College (BA), Marquette University (MA), University of Wisconsin (Ph.D.) and Tübingen University, Germany (S.T.L.), was Visiting Professor at Universities of Graz, Hamburg, Tübingen, Nankai University (Tianjin, China), Fudan University (Shanghai), Temple University Japan (Tokyo), University of Malaya (Kuala Lumpur), Chinese University of China (Hong Kong), and Khazar University (Baku, Azerbaijan)."


Curriculum Vitae


Selected Publications

  • Jewish-Christian-Muslim Dialogue (1978)
  • Buddhism Made Plain (1984), Religious Liberty and Human Rights (1986)
  • After the Absolute: The Dialogical Future of Religious Reflection (1990)
  • Death or Dialogue. From the Age of Monologue to the Age of Dialogue (1990)
  •  A Bridge to Buddhist-Christian Dialogue (1990), Muslims in Dialogue (1992)
  • For All Life: Toward a Universal Declaration of a Global Ethic. An Interreligious Dialogue (1998)
  •  The Study of Religion in the Age of Global Dialogue (2000)
  •  Dialogue in Malaysia and the Globe (2004)
  • Confucianism in Dialogue Today. West, Christianity, and Judaism (2005))
  • Quanqiu Duihua de Shidai. The Age of Global Dialogue (2006)
  •  A Global Ethic (2007)
  • Making the Church Our Own. How We Can Reform the Catholic Church from the Ground Up (2007)
  •  Jesus Was a Feminist (2007)
  • Trialogue. Jews, Christians, and Muslims in Dialogue (2007)
  • Constitutional Catholicism. An Essential in Reforming the Church (2011)
  • Democratic Bishops for the Roman Catholic Church (2011)
  • Club Modernity. For Reluctant Christians (2011)
  • Dialogue for Interreligious Understanding (2014)
  • There Must Be You. The Intellectual and Spiritual Journey of Leonard Swidler, by River Adams (2014)