Who We Are

Who are we? We're civic-minded and globally conscious. We're creative thinkers, doers and risk-takers. We’re not just in the classroom. We are out in the community. We don’t study to pass a test. We work to change the world. We have strong opinions and we are encouraged to share them. We want answers. We create real solutions to real-world problems.

That’s why we came to Temple.

The Data Analyst

We don’t settle for the superficial — we closely examine each piece of available information in order to make decisions and create solutions.

Across the college, students in every major scrutinize data to form their conclusions. We’re on the cutting edge of research — both in the laboratory and in the classroom — and we embrace the crucial role that data, analytics and statistics play in a comprehensive education in the sciences and humanities.

Ready to dig deeper? Explore majors that will teach you to investigate data and create real world solutions to human problems.

The Globe Trotter

Our campus may be in North Philadelphia, but the world is our classroom. From Rome to Tokyo and beyond, our students like to tackle big problems and create global solutions.

Whether you want to spend four years studying a foreign culture or a semester studying abroad, any number of our majors will teach you to become a citizen of the world. 

The Planner

We think big, but we know that the truth is always in the details. Whether we’re in the classroom, working in the community or on the campaign trail, we teach our students how to conceive and execute strategies, both big and small.

If you want to shape the programs and policies that move society forward, you’ll fit right in studying one of these majors.

The Scientist

Our students aren’t confined to the classroom. They venture into the laboratory and get their hands dirty in the field. Whether they’re in the psychology labs of Weiss Hall or analyzing urban sustainability in Center City, their research is driving science forward and changing the world for the better.

Make your mark at Temple by being a part of progress in one of these exciting fields.

The Storyteller

We know that stories are humanity’s shared currency — and we relish the chance to share our stories with the world. A good narrative reveals meaning about who we are, where we came from and where we’re going. That’s why our courses are designed to teach you how to reason, analyze and persuade. We are gifted writers who ask complex questions that break down walls and transport people to other places.

Think you might be one of us? Develop your critical thinking, writing and communication skills by enrolling in a major that will teach you to use words to change hearts and minds.

The World Changer

The world may be shrinking, but the need for big ideas isn’t. Our students are driven to fix the most pressing global problems with human solutions. And they aren’t waiting until after graduation to do it.

Whether you want to improve urban infrastructure, reshape the criminal justice system or fight poverty across the world, there’s a major here for you.