Temple’s Russian program helps students achieve their learning goals, whether they want to go on to use Russian to communicate with Russian friends, to engage in business with Russian partners, to work in government or in the media, or to study Russian culture.

Our courses are designed in accordance with the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning (see and click on “Publications”).

Students of Russian at Temple:

  • Learn to communicate in Russian with native speakers of Russian and participate in Russian-speaking communities, whether in Philadelphia, Russia, or, through study abroad and/or use of technology, anywhere else in the world;
  • Develop an appreciation of Russian culture and cultural practices and perspectives including not only the landmark works of literature, art, architecture, and music, but also Russian cultural behaviors, traditions, and expectations;
  • Apply their knowledge of Russian to make connections to other disciplines, such as History, Political Science, Geography, and Economics, using Russian and English-language sources to compare Russian, American, and other cultures to understand Russia and the USA in a global context;
  • Enhance their understanding of the English language and their written and spoken communication skills in both Russian and English;
  • Develop language learning skills and strategies they can apply to the continued study of Russian language and culture (after completion of their program at Temple) or to the study of other languages and cultures.