Global Studies

The interdisciplinary BA in Global Studies will prepare students:

To understand complex global problems using tools of multiple disciplines, including economic analysis, social science, and historical methods.

The Global Studies major requires introductory course work in History, Economics and Political Science, and each of the three tracks feature courses from additional disciplines as both required and elective courses.  Students will be able to draw on this disciplinary training and apply multiple disciplinary tools and lenses to analysis of global issues that require in-depth knowledge of these fields.  

To communicate ideas about global issues effectively, through written work, oral expression, and digital communication tools.

Global Studies, like all other majors, requires two writing-intensive courses – Introduction to Global Studies, a small introductory course and Capstone Seminar – which will be offered by Global Studies-affiliated faculty. These are typically limited to 20 students per class.  These courses require students to develop their critical writing skills and, in the capstone, to produce a sustained piece of critical research, using methods drawn from a variety of disciplines, and also require students to showcase communication skills.  The capstone seminar will be a research-oriented course allowing students to delve in depth into an important issue in Global Studies.  When possible, the capstone seminar will be offered in three distinct variants – Global Security, Global Economy, and Global Cultures – focusing on and bringing together students within each of the three tracks, although this will depend, particularly during the early years, on enrollments within each of the tracks and the availability of appropriate faculty in a given semester.

To look beyond local and national boundaries and see themselves as part of global network whose sustainability requires ethical stewardship and a moral sensibility.

It is essential that Temple students begin to think of themselves as global citizens. This means that they must emerge from the Global Studies major with an enhanced civic consciousness about the impact of human activity on the environment; a sensibility about the role that the United States and other powerful western nations play in shaping the lives of less powerful peoples across the globe, especially in the “Global South;” and an informed outlook about the kinds of policy solutions that are available to deal with transnational challenges. Global Studies majors will learn to think both comparatively and globally.

To prepare themselves for careers in a global marketplace.

Students who major in Global Studies will be well-versed in the basic principles of Economics; will understand major concepts drawn from Political Science and International Relations; and will have a solid foundation in 20th-century world history. In addition, each student will select one of three thematic tracks – Global Security, Global Economy, and Global Cultures – and, with the assistance of a faculty advisor, select course options that appeal to his or her areas of interest, culminating in original research in the senior capstone course. This kind of knowledge will place Temple University’s Global Studies majors in an advantageous position for careers in any kind of international field.

To learn from cultures different from their own.

The BA in Global Studies requires students to show proficiency in a foreign language and to study other cultures either through a study abroad experience or through area studies coursework. In time, this kind of international exposure will allow students to see themselves through the eyes of others, an invaluable learning experience.