In accordance with the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning, the learning goals for students of French at Temple University are:

  • Communication and Communities: To communicate in French with native speakers of French, whether in Philadelphia, in a French-speaking culture, or by means of technology with French speakers anywhere in the world.
  • Culture: To demonstrate sensitivity to, understanding and appreciation of the variety of cultural perspectives and practices in the French-speaking world.
  • Comparisons and Connections: To compare and draw connections between the French language and English (or another language) in a way that enriches overall linguistic competence; to compare and draw connections between the French culture, Francophone cultures, and other cultures and to draw connections between this knowledge and the study of other disciplines, such as literature, history, and economics.
  • Life-Long Learning: To demonstrate positive attitudes toward the continued study of the French language as well as France and / or Francophone countries and regions, and the study of languages and cultures in general.

The Temple University French program proposes to state these learning goals explicitly in the Undergraduate Bulletin, on the French program website, and to correlate individual course learning objectives with these goals in French program course syllabi.