New Faculty FAQ

As a new faculty member, you may have some questions regarding procedures, etc. We have compiled a list of FAQs new faculty members might have. If you need additional information, please email

How do I access and customize my Blackboard website?

The Instructional Support Center (ISC) has staff available at all times to assist faculty in accessing and developing their BB site. The ISC is located in the TECH Center, room 110. Their phone number is 215-204-8529.

How do I order books for my class?

Visit the Temple Bookstore’s website . Once you get to the homepage click on the link for “Faculty” and follow the ordering instructions.

How do I learn how to develop and/or conduct an online class?

The college holds online training workshops several times a semester. If you have not gotten a notice about an upcoming training or want to know more about how to get trained, contact our Associate Director for Digital Innovation, Dr. Jordan Shapiro ( for more information.

How can I request a classroom change or reserve a classroom for a study day?

For all classroom changes and reservation requests, email the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Affairs, Mandy Gibson, at It’s best to check your classroom assignment as far in advance of the start of the semester as possible.

Do I have to hold office hours?

All instructors are required to hold office hours weekly. Office hours should be posted on the class syllabus, on Blackboard, and on the faculty member’s office door. For more information, visit Temple’s Policies and Procedures website . Select the “Subject Index” and view policy number 02.78.12.

What information am I required to include in my syllabus?

All instructors are required to provide an accurate syllabus to their students. For more information, visit Temple’s Policies and Procedures website. Select the “Subject Index” and view policy number 02.78.13.

How do I know what holidays the university is closed?

Visit the online Academic Calendar.

Note: In the event of a weather emergency, delays and closings will be posted at the top of the Temple homepage.

Do I get to pick when my final exam is held or does the university determine this for me?

The final exam schedule is posted on the Registrar’s website and must be strictly adhered to.

What do I do if a student wants to get into my closed course?

Students should add themselves to the class waitlist first. Once the start of the semester arrives, if no seats have become available, you may provide written authorization that the student can take to his academic advisor so that the advisor can override the class capacity. Please make sure that your classroom can accommodate the additional student(s). If you have questions about classroom capacity, contact Mandy Gibson.

One of my students disappeared from the class roster. What happened?

During the first week of the semester students can add and drop classes freely. In the second week of the semester students can still drop classes freely but they need written authorization from their instructor to add a course. After the drop/add period ends, students then have another nine weeks to withdraw from a course. They do not need an instructor’s approval to drop or withdraw form a course. Your class list may change a few times throughout the semester – you should check it periodically for updates.

What is a mid-semester progress report and why am I being asked to complete one?

From the 6th week of the semester through the 8th week of the semester faculty will be required to complete a mid-semester progress report for all of their students. These reports are designed to give students an idea of their progress in a class. You can indicate that a student has made satisfactory progress, that they haven’t attended enough classes, etc. It’s important to have at least one graded assignment issued to your class and completed before the 6th week of classes so that you have something to base the progress reports on.  For more information, visit Temple’s Policies and Procedureswebsite. Select the “Subject Index” and view policy number 02.10.15.

I’m having issues with my office computer. What do I do?

Go to, login, and request help.  If you need immediate assistance, call the Help Desk at 1-8000.

When do I get paid?

Faculty will be paid on the last working day of the month.

What do I do if I need to cancel a class due to an emergency?

· Step 1: Post a Blackboard announcement

· Step 2: Send an email to your class through the class email option on Blackboard

· Step 3: Contact your department so someone can post a sign on the classroom door

· Step 4: Revise your syllabus appropriately and post a new copy on Blackboard

How do I get my identification card?

Visit Human Resources, located in Mitten Hall Lower Level, to have your photo taken and an ID printed.

How can I obtain a parking pass?

Contact the Office of Parking Services. Their phone number is 215-204-5301 and their website is:

What do I do if a student needs assistance with their writing?

Have the student make an appointment with the Writing Center. They are located in the Tuttleman Learning Center, room 201. Their phone number is 215-204-0704 and their website is:

What do I do if a student needs assistance with their math/statistics?

Have the student make an appointment with the Math & Science Resource Center. They are located in 1810 Liacouras Walk, room 201. Their phone number is 215-204-8466 and their website is:

One of my students has informed me that they have a disability and need special accommodations during class – how does this work?

Students with disabilities must register with the Disability Resources & Services Office (DRS). They are located in Ritter Annex, room 100. Their phone number is 215-204-1280 and their website is:

Note: in order for a student to receive special accommodations during exams they need to be on file with DRS and they should present you with a letter outlining all of their approved accommodations.

One of my students is having medical issues and I do not believe they are going to pass my class. What should I do?

Advise the student to speak with their academic advisor to explore the possibility of receiving a medical withdraw for the semester. If the student is a Liberal Arts major they can visit the CLA Advising Center at 1810 Liacouras Walk, room 301. Their phone number is 215-204-7971.

One of my students is struggling with personal or mental issues. What can I do to help them?

Speak with the student privately about what you’ve observed that makes you believe they may benefit from speaking to a professional on campus. Suggest they visit a counselor in Tuttleman Counseling Services. They are located at 1810 Liacouras Walk on the 5th floor. Their phone number is 215-204-7276 and their website is: .

Note: If a student misses class repeatedly or you believe something very serious may be going on, contact Rachael Stark in the Dean of Students Office to alert her and have the student brought to the CARE Team.

Something has happened that prevents one of my students from finishing all of the required course work by the end of the term. What do I do?

Speak with the Chair of your department to see if the student meets eligibility requirements for an Incomplete grade. If they do, and you are willing to issue the student an Incomplete, fill out the necessary paperwork. To view the Incomplete Policies please visit the Undergraduate Bulletin.

A student plagiarized in my class. What do I do?

Contact a representative from the Dean of Students Office (William Price – as well as the CLA Grievance Officer (Mandy Gibson – so that disciplinary action can be taken or so that the student’s name can be kept on record for future reference.

Grades have been posted and one of my students is upset with their final grade. We cannot come to a resolution or understanding. Where should it go from here? Can the student appeal?

Have the student contact the CLA Grievance Officer, Mandy Gibson. She is responsible for facilitating the CLA Grievance Procedures, found here.

There is a harassing or threatening student in my class. What’s the protocol?

Contact a representative from the Dean of Students Office (Rachael Stark - or Stephanie Ives – as well as a representative from the Dean’s Office (Mandy  Gibson – or Rebecca Alpert –

Note: if you feel that you or another student is in immediate danger contact Campus Safety at 215-204-1234.