by Zach Epstein

From a new dean, to visits from acclaimed writers, to Owls pursuing their life's work around the world — it was a banner year at the College of Liberal Arts. Read on to discover what stood out in 2016.


Neuroscience and Psychology Undergrads Get their Hands Dirty

It might not be for everyone, but students in Debra Bangasser’s Functional Neuroanatomy course have a favorite activity: sheep brain dissection. We went inside the new psychology and neuroscience wet lab to learn that at Temple, hands-on experience isn’t limited to graduate students.


Yolanda Wisher

Liberal Arts Alum Named Poet Laureate of Philadelphia

One of the first graduates of our creative writing master's program, Yolanda Wisher told us she “got tired of poetry being my side hustle.” What happened once she decided to pursue her passion full time? She only became the third poet laureate in Philadelphia’s history, and now performs her award-winning poetry across the city and beyond.


Following the Great Migratory Patterns of Bill Schindler

Bill Schindler’s story is the classic tale of Division I wrestler who overcomes debilitating eye disease to become a professor of anthropology and television star. Oh, you haven’t heard that one before? We spoke to this Temple PhD grad about his fascinating journey.

This is Our Life’s Work

It’s not marketing, it’s a mantra. We showed off the power of liberal arts in the college’s first ever promo video.


Taylor Ray

Exploring Taylor Ray’s Utopias

Class of 2016 graduate Taylor Ray chose Temple for two reasons: value and diversity. Now, the philosophy major is right at home in his career in finance. How’d he get here? Ray traced his journey from Philadelphia to South America and back.

Frank Bruni Endorses the Liberal Arts, Makes Case for Context

“Temple is in many ways the ideal place, the perfect environment for not falling into the trap of a homogenous enclave; of a single, narrow and suspicious way of thinking,” New York Times columnist Frank Bruni said in his visit to the College of Liberal Arts. “The history and tradition of this school is one of ushering immigrant children into a broader world."


Next Stop: Everywhere

While they'll always be #TempleMade, graduation day marked the end of the class of 2016’s undergraduate experience in North Philadelphia. We caught up with some of our Owls preparing to fly the nest to reflect on their time at Temple and advise the next generation of liberal arts students.


Reimagining Education for the 21st Century

What do LEGO, Philly bus stops and the White House have in common? It could only be psychology professor Kathy Hirsh-Pasek. We spoke to the Stanley and Debra Lefkowitz Distinguished Faculty Fellow about her work, her new book and how to create smarter societies.


Audrey Schimineck

11 Life Hacks to Conquer the College of Liberal Arts

Whether you’re just finishing up your first semester or looking ahead to spring graduation, these tips — offered up by senior Audrey Schimeneck — will help you get the most of however much time you have left here at the College of Liberal Arts.

Hail to the Chief (of Staff)

Looking for a reason to get an internship during your time at Temple, or better yet, participate in the Pennsylvania Capital Semester? Allow Tim Keller to be Exhibit A. Here’s how a chance meeting in the statehouse elevator led to a career in politics.


Adventures at the RNC

Philly may have played host to its Democratic counterpart, but Temple students worked at both conventions via our partnership with the Washington Center’s internship program. Anh Nguyen ’18 told us about her experience in Cleveland.


Richard Deeg Appointed Dean at College of Liberal Arts

Popular teacher? Yes. Acclaimed scholar? Sure. But does he prefer Beatles or Stones? We dug deep to ask the questions on everyone’s minds as Richard Deeg assumed the role of dean of the College of Liberal Arts.


The Ultimate Balance Routine

Briana Odom ’17 has managed to juggle her psychology coursework, the demands of being a Division I athlete, and an internship at a certain three-letter federal agency. What’s a day in her life like? We spoke to the senior about her busiest of schedules.


Ta-Nehisi Coates

Ta-Nehisi Coates Kicks off History Department's Series on Plunder

"Our task," acclaimed author Ta-Nehisi Coates told a packed Liacouras Center, "is to see the facts as they are. To see the world as it is, to see our country as it is. Even as painful as it might be to look at it in that way."


The Declassified Story of Richard Immerman

Richard Immerman has a lot of stories (though he's only allowed to share some of them). Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to discover declassified adventures of a history professor turned intelligence officer.

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