The Lady Davis Fellowship, endowed by the Canadian philanthropist Lady Davis, was established 38 years ago to encourage leading scientists and scholars in all fields around the world to teach, study, and conduct research at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa.  Excitingly, Professor Anne Shlay in the Sociology Department was recently selected to join the 623 visiting professors for this opportunity.

Professor Shay will spend four months at the Hebrew University, working with graduate students and faculty on their research efforts, participating in classes, and collaborating with Hebrew University geographer Dr. Gillad Rosen to complete a book called Jerusalem: Spatial Politics, Social Processes and Political Outcomes.  In addition, she will initiate a study on Israeli affordable housing policy, as she hopes to compare differences in affordable housing policy between the U.S. and Israel.  Identifying Israel as a pioneer in the promotion of accessible affordable housing and an architectural innovator in high density housing, her goal is to look at Israel's successes and challenges as it works to privatize these efforts.  She seeks to understand what the U.S. can learn from Israel in terms of these housing efforts and innovations.

The College of Liberal Arts congratulates Professor Shay on this exciting opportunity, as well as for the work that has allowed her to achieve it.  We wish her a safe and productive four months as she studies across the globe.

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