by Joseph Master 

Sandra L. Suárez, an award-winning scholar and teacher with 20 years of experience at Temple, has been named Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, Dean Richard Deeg announced today.

“Professor Suárez is the perfect choice to serve in this faculty leadership role,” Deeg said. “She is an accomplished scholar and teacher who has also served on many important committees in her department, in the college and for the university. Her broad experience gives her the ability to craft effective solutions to the challenges we face and to seize opportunities for the college. Her skill as a communicator and problem-solver also make her an excellent partner for faculty and department chairs.”

Suárez, who is finishing her final semester as undergraduate chair and advisor for the Department of Political Science, said she is grateful for Deeg’s commendation and is pleased to take on her new role. 

“I am honored that Dean Deeg has asked me to take on this appointment to promote faculty interests and goals,” said Suárez. “Rich is incredibly supportive of our faculty in the humanities and social sciences and understands that the knowledge that they create is the lifeblood of a liberal arts education.”

Suárez earned an undergraduate degree from Clark University, where she was awarded high honors in government. She received a master’s degree and PhD in political science from Yale University. She has received numerous fellowships, including posts with the Ford Foundation, MIT, the Center for International Studies at the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University, the Institute for the Study of World Politics, and the Juan March Foundation, Center for Advance Study in the Social Sciences in Madrid. In addition, she is the recipient of the College of Liberal Arts Eleanor Hofkin Award for Excellence in Teaching and the Rowman & Littlefield Award for Innovative Teaching.

An expert in comparative public policy, Suárez’s research focuses on how political and economic entities influence the policymaking process and its outcomes across countries and over time. Suárez’s work has been published in the Journal of Comparative Politics, Politics & Society, Social Forces, Studies in Comparative International Development and Telecommunications Policy. Suárez has also authored one book, Does Business Learn? Tax Breaks, Uncertainty, and Political Experience, published in 2000 by University of Michigan Press. 

Her current research focuses on the intersection between income inequality, policy and executive compensation — namely the policies that have led to growth in executive pay.

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