The Diamond Research Scholars Program offers Temple undergraduates the opportunity to engage in a research or creative arts project under faculty supervision.  Diamond Scholars receive a summer stipend to support them as they spend ten weeks developing a research project in an area of their interest, which is completed in the fall semester in an independent study/research course.

The 2013 Diamond Research Scholars have been selected, including 8 students from the College of Liberal Arts.  We would like to congratulate the following CLA students:

Mark Esher-Hagel, Political Science major, CLA, Project Title: “Analysis of Impact on Agricultural Subsidies on Federal Healthcare Spending,” Faculty Mentor: Megan Mullin, Political Science

Aleksandr Fisher, Political Science & History majors, CLA, Project Title: “Russia's Market Failure (1991-1999): The Economic, Political and Social Consequences,” Faculty Mentor: Sean Yom, Political Science

Jeremy Gradwohl, Geography and Urban Studies major, CLA, Project Title: “Predicting and Modeling the Problem of Property Tax Delinquency in Philadelphia,” Faculty Mentor: Jeremy Mennis, Geography and Urban Studies

Matthew Reigle, Anthropology major, CLA, Project Title: “Reimagining Fandom: An Ethnography of Soccer Fans, Social Media, and Identity in Philadelphia,” Faculty Mentor: Damien Stankiewicz, Anthropology

Shilpa Soundararajan, Communications & Political Science majors, SMC, Project Title: “Media and Policy on the Philadelphia Soda Tax: An case study of the relationship between news media and policy-making in the defeat of the soda tax proposal,” Faculty Mentor: Robin Kolodny, Political Science

Grace Spring, Anthropology major, Religion, CLA, Project Title: “'Sacred or Supper? : The Roles of Animals in Religion and Society',” Faculty Mentor: Jayasinhji Jhala, Anthropology

Eric Stahler, History major, CLA, Project Title: “U.S. Foreign Policy Regarding the Democratic Revolutions in Haiti and Egypt,” Faculty Mentor: Travis Glasson, History

Samantha Stella, Psychology major, CLA, Project Title: “Emotional Dysregulation and Risk for Psychosis,” Faculty Mentor: Lauren Ellman, Psychology

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